Monday, October 15, 2012

Winner Winner Chili Dinner


We had our neighborhood Fall Festival this weekend.  The kids dress in their Halloween costumes, and we have a chili cookoff.  This is our fourth year attending and participating in the event. I’ve made chili every year.  Twice I made my standard Taco Chili, which won second place one year, and last year I made a white chicken chili, which people said they liked but it lost points for being untraditional.


It was close, but my chili took first place.


I used a recipe from Tasty Kitchen, which was very simple and didn’t really use anything special. I mean, it’s not like I had a green bell pepper or two pounds of ground beef on hand, but I actually did have one can of those Ranch-style beans, a couple cans of Rotel, and the Creole seasoning.


I used four cans of Rotel total. As the recipe suggests, I pureed some of the Rotel: two cans of the regular stuff and one can of the hot, which made the chili quite spicy. I’d recommend using the hot only if you like your chili to pack some heat.

Now the search is on for the next delicious recipe that I can use as defending champion next year.

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Gma said...

You go girl!