Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beautiful spring weather: Part II

We gave the dogs baths today (Sunday) so I waited until today to wash all their bedding so that it would be clean at the same time they were. While the bed covers were in the wash, the interior "pillow" was in its usual spot - with one difference. The occupant wasn't who'd you expect.

There's cedar in the filling and I think Emma likes the scent because I've caught her rolling around on the ground where the bed was if I move it. Emma's been known to make herself very comfortable when she knows the dogs aren't in the house and that was definitely the case today.

Look at her. Those of you who know her probably can't believe how comfy she looks.

The McHusband decided that today was the day to clean the gutters. I held the extension ladder for him when he had it on the deck and was crawling a hundred feet (okay, maybe not that far, but it was pretty high) up to clean out the gutters.

In order to get to the gutters that weren't over the deck, he used the ladder to get on the roof at the front of the house, then he scrambled to the back.

I did what you'd expect - grabbed the camera, of course. Actually, I yelled at him first, forbade him from falling, told him to scream really loud if he did happen to fall (I was vacuuming, I wanted to make sure I heard him), THEN I got the camera out.

His strategy was to pull the detritus from the gutters and throw it down to the ground then clean it up. Tori was enthralled with the crap falling from the sky.

I had the windows open all day. With the breeze and no humidity, it was a great day to air out the house. I thought so anyway. Tucker, however, thought it got a little warm.

I took that picture around 5:30. He'd normally be taking his pre-dinner nap behind the couch ON THE CARPET. Apparently, it was too warm in the house so he decided the kitchen was the place to be.

Hope everyone else in NC enjoyed their beautiful weekends!

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