Monday, March 9, 2009

Thinking green

We saved all the old countertops when we replaced them in the kitchen. The McHusband is going to put a sink in the garage so he's reusing part of the island countertop as well as the actual sink.

I wanted to add some counter space in the laundry room so even though the old counters aren't the prettiest ones, I didn't mind letting a little bit back into the house.

As you can see, installing a coat rack in the laundry room has suddenly moved up the list.

Check out that Wolfpack trash can. That's about as supportive as we get of our alma mater. And you know what? The McHusband's actually had that thing since long before either of us went to NCSU.

Tucker actually didn't like the trash can at first. Wait, I just remembered that I have a video of him as a puppy and that trash can! might be sideways, but I'm gonna include it anyway. I apologize in advance for the crick in your neck.

He was just so darn cute! I love the pitiful whine at the end. While he's not bothered by trash cans anymore, I can't say he's exactly brave either.

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