Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Party

Well, the party was a success. I think everyone liked what we did in the kitchen - that's where people spent the majority of the night even if it meant cramming in like New Yorkers on the subway at rush hour.

Or maybe it's because that's where the food and beer was.

Thank you to Byron and Lisa, Ben and Robin, and Anna and Logan who came from way up in North Raleigh and Wake Forest. We've made the drive out their way and it's a hike so we appreciate them coming, especially on a cold, rainy night.

In an effort to be a good hostess and have everything ready at precisely the right time, I didn't take any pictures last night so Mom, McMom, I apologize for not documenting the food table. I hope some decor pics from today will suffice.

A sign that my mom gave me for Christmas went in the flower pot outside the front door just in case the green Christmas lights weren't enough to get people to the right place.

By the way, don't my pansies look pretty?

The McHusband hung the shamrocks in the archway, and I put the ones on the windows beside the front door.

I had a greenish flower arrangement and for-decoration-only towels...

My decorations weren't the only things that were green the day after the party. The McHusband was also a little green around the gills.

Tori and Tucker were sympathetic.

The McHusband tried several positions to ease his pain and wasn't above laying on the floor. Tucker didn't mind that at all.

Hope everyone else enjoyed the party as much as we did. We're looking forward to next year's soiree. Well, I am, and the McHusband should be by next February.

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G'ma said...


I'm thinking it's fair to say that a GREAT time was had by all INCLUDING the host! Can't wait to hear the stories!

McHusband - suggest you keep motion to a minimum (I'm thinking right now you're all about being still??!!)and tell Tucker to bark quietly ... makes your head feel better when it's not spinning and the SOUNDS AREN'T SO LOUD!! Guess it's a good thing St. Patty's Day only comes once a year, huh?

McWife -- beautiful flowers! And yes, I'm hugely disappointed that you didn't get pics of the final spread that you worked so hard on!