Sunday, March 1, 2009

More 60th Birthday recap

We girls spent the day together. Jenny and I surprised the McMom with brunch, then did a little shopping, and finally got our nails done.

We figured the restaurant might be busy on a Saturday morning so we made an 11:00 reservation. I even called back the Friday before to request that mimosas be brought to us as soon as we sat down, and I referenced our 11:00 reservation.

Guess what? The restaurant didn't open until 11:30.

They still let us sit down and, as you can see, we were the only patrons in the place until close to noon.

Here we are after mimosas and two "special" coffees. We determined that the restaurant really only got away with calling the drinks coffees because they were served in coffee cups. That's okay, didn't bother us!

After brunch and a little shopping, we took the McMom to a salon and we all got manicures. Jenny got the French manicure, mine are the reddish color, and the McMom got a light pink.

As you know, we surprised the McMom with a dinner with friends later that night. Here are some more pictures from that night.

I'll hope to get the slideshow into another post soon.

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