Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Birthday Fiesta: The food

I’m playing a little more catch-up tonight on June events.  The weekend after skydiving, I made a day trip to Charlotte to celebrate Lyla and Maxie’s birthdays.


Bri and Nate threw a combo birthday fiesta for Lyla’s fourth and Maxie’s first birthday.


My mom made the wreath.  Isn’t the little pennant adorable?


Bri customized gift bags for all the kids.


Besides the guests of honor, you know the most important part of any party in my mind is the food.


Bri had the party catered by Salsaritas, but she, Mom, and I did the sweets.


There were Rice Krispie Treats, chocolate mustaches, my cupcakes and Special K bars, and some Rummy Bears (no, that’s not a typo).



The Rummy Bears were gummy bears soaked in sangria.  They were yummy, and I can’t wait to try other liquors.

Bri asked me to make cupcakes for the party and you know me, I can’t resist any excuse to make a second treat for the guinea pigs guests. 


These Nutter Butter Special K Bars were pretty good, but what I think took them over the top was this frosting that I decided to use on them.  I can’t wait to actually put it on some brownies.


Nate loves “my” chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream so I made a batch of those plus some sugar cookie cupcakes with Creamsicle frosting, which I thought sounded fairly kid friendly and definitely festive looking.


I added half a candy orange to the top of each cupcake to show people what flavor they were.


Bri made a double batch of the sangria that’s been a hit from Florida to NC.


And Sam manned the quesadilla maker.  She’s due with her first baby, a boy, on August 4th.


Oh yeah, would you like a quick look at the birthday girls?  Lyla looked super cute in her ruffly bikini.


And Maxie has a smile that just totally lights up her face.  Notice how her dress matches the table covering?  My mom made the dress.


Well, I was trying to get the fiesta wrapped up in one post, but it’s getting close to my bedtime, and I want to do all the people and my mom’s and Bri’s efforts justice so the birthday blowout will continue on the other side of the holiday.

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