Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quick visit

We had some visitors this past weekend.  Bill, Veerle and Eli, who’s about two weeks shy of his first birthday, came up from Charlotte for a whirlwind visit.

They arrived at 1:00 on Saturday and we had lunch then spent the afternoon catching up and chasing after Eli, who moves amazingly fast for someone still using four appendages to get around.


Luckily, the McHusband and I are fully prepared to entertain someone Eli’s age.  There was the shiny knob on the stereo system…


And the McHusband’s grip-strength thingies.


When you use both hands to get around, you have to be creative in figuring out how you’re going to carry your newfound treasure.


Last but not least, there was the jungle gym coffee table.


I hope I remember to dust under the tabletop next time I’ve got my Swiffer wipes out…


How cute is this kid, huh?


As enamored as the McHusband and I were of Bill and Veerle’s kid, they were equally so of Tucker.


But we can’t blame them, Tucker’s pretty special.


Our guests stayed just 21 hours but we had a fabulous time hanging out, catching up, eating some yummy food, and getting to know little Eli.

Thank you, Bill and Veerle, for taking time out of your weekend to take a road trip to Raleigh and stay with us.  You guys are welcome back any time!

P.S.  Happy Birthday, Leigh!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! :) -Leigh