Friday, July 6, 2012

Food on the Fourth

So I mentioned that we ate turkey burgers on Wednesday.  I’d seen this recipe via a daily email that Allrecipes is kind enough to send me, and Chelle had mentioned it a while back, saying they’d tried it and though it was pretty good.

July 4th = hamburgers, right?  Even though we weren’t going to a cookout or hosting one, we figured we still deserved to eat some patriotic fare.


The recipe included a “condiment” made from avocado, sour cream (I used Greek yogurt), and chili powder.  It wasn’t especially flavorful on its own, but it paired well with the burgers.


We had steamed cauliflower and leftover lentils, also from Allrecipes, as our sides.  We’re big fans of the former, and the latter’s a new favorite that I will make again and that I would certainly recommend if this flavor combo appeals to you.


So those were two recent successful recipes.  I made some cookies last night that looked like a complete failure but tasted like a winner.


Since I don’t know much about the actual science behind baking, I don’t know what went wrong.  My first thought is that the dough should be chilled before it’s baked.  So after two batches turned out flat and falling apart, I put the rest of the dough in the fridge and I’ll try again tomorrow.


Just like with the blueberry muffin bread, I have plans for how to salvage these two batches of cookies.  I’ll let you know if it works out.  Keep your fingers crossed for me and my guinea pigs.


It sure was nice to break this week up by having Wednesday off, but I’m still looking forward to the weekend.  We’re kicking it off with fireworks at a friend’s house tonight so that should be fun.

Hope everyone else has a great weekend!

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