Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Celebrating Fourth of July

In honor of not celebrating the Fourth of July properly by doing so on time, I’m only now getting around to posting about the treats I made and the fireworks we saw.  If Katie, who gets paid to blog, can post about her holiday on July 16th, then I can do it on the 18th.

Heather and Bruce had gotten some fireworks from SC so they invited people over for snacks and loud noises in the sky.  No surprise, I volunteered to make some sweets.

I started with Red Velvet Whoopie Pies with Marshmallow Buttercream Filling.



I found the little flags majorly on sale at Michael’s and they completed my patriotic color scheme.


I had made those chocolate cookies that ended up flatter than pancakes so I baked them into some brownies and used my new favorite frosting on top. 


This treat was a chocoholic’s dream.  THIS chocoholic’s dream anyway.


I like my frosted brownies like I prefer my cupcakes: with a high frosting-to-baked-good ratio.


Before the third treat came out, we let Bruce give in to his inner pyro.


Some of the peeps:




I liked this night.  We bookended the entertainment with treats.  Once the fireworks were done, we headed inside for some Not Yo Mama’s Banana Pudding.


I saved some of the cream cheese-condensed milk mixture and added a little Cool Whip to it and spread that on top of the pudding layer.


If you’re a fan of banana pudding, you’ve GOT to give this a try.

So there you go, July Fourth 2012.  On July 18th.  But at least I recapped it in the same month that it happened.  I can’t always say that.

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