Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Fifth of July!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Independence Day holiday.  I know I liked having the break from the work week halfway through even though I didn’t do anything exciting or vacation-y.

I got up at 8:30, prepped some steel cut oats on the stove, grocery-shopped at HT and Wally World, got our bedding washed, and laid out on the deck.  (McMom and McHusband, this is for you.  Yes, I read the comments on here.)


I made one of those spicy veggie sausage-egg casseroles for us to eat on for the next week, did a little cleaning, then got my butt upstairs for a lower body weight workout.

Apparently, I put myself through the paces.


We grilled turkey burgers for dinner and they were quite tasty.  It was an easy recipe, too, so we’ll definitely eat them again.

Some neighbors set off fireworks so of course the dogs, big babies that they are, stuck annoyingly close for a couple of hours after dark.  I was baking and it’s an understatement to say they were underfoot.


What was I baking?  Something very patriotic.


Red velvet cake turned into whoopie pies.  Well, the outsides of the whoopie pies anyway.


Just two more days to get through this week!

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McMom said...

You aren't eating the overnight oats are you? I will withhold comment on that photo until I read Ryan's post about it.....McMom.