Thursday, December 20, 2012

Girls’ Christmas Dinner 2012

We girls got together at Travinia Wednesday night for our annual dinner and Secret Santa-style gift exchange.


(By the way, the restaurant has half-price martinis on Wednesdays, which was just a happy coincidence.  I recommend the Kamikazeberry Martini, a picture of which you’ll see over on the right in my Instagram pics.)

Our server, Kevin, took great care of us.  He put up with a lot of questions and the general indecisiveness that seems to plague us when it comes to food.  We can’t help it – everything just looks so good.

Once we satisfied our appetites, it was time for gifts.

One of Vickie’s included this wiener-dog cruet thing.  Vickie has a dachshund so there was no doubt she’d like it.


Next up was Kim.  She got some jewelry, socks, and a picture frame.


Jari got just what she asked for: a shiny wallet and some make-up brushes.


Heather opened up her gift to find a necklace and earrings.  She has the necklace on although it’s hard to tell because of the fun pattern of her dress.


It’s been a dry year for Vanessa so she was very happy to get this little bottle of Patron along with a scarf.


Leigh opened her bag to find a Loft gift card and some gloves, which she was happy to model for me.


Chelle got this Foley food mill, which none of us had heard of before but we all want now.  Or at least we all want some of the food, like applesauce and mashed potatoes, that Chelle will make with it.  Rust-free, too, now that she has a brand new food mill and not an inherited relic.


And (and I may be biased but…) last but not least, I opened my gifts.  I got a new umbrella, which I desperately needed and everyone was very happy to see me get.  I also finally got a box grater, which has been on my wishlist for probably 4 years now.  Guess no one thinks that’s a very exciting gift, but I can assure you I very much look forward to eating the cheese I will shred with it.  My bag also included some very cute cupcake liners.  You can never go wrong with those.




It wouldn’t be a gathering without some treats.  I made strawberry cupcakes with white chocolate pudding frosting


While they may not have tasted the most seasonal, they looked the part with the dark pink cake and the white frosting.



I will definitely be making these again when it’s more seasonally appropriate.

As always, we girls had a wonderful time.  It’s so nice to get together to talk about everything and nothing, to eat food we normally wouldn’t and not feel guilty about it, and pass our drinks around in the height of flu season so everyone can have a taste.

Yep, if that last part doesn’t say friendship, I don’t know what does.

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