Thursday, December 27, 2012

{Recipe Recap} Pecan Caramel Bars

One of the guys at work gave me a bag of pecans so I wanted to make something with them before our office closed for the holidays so I could share the treat with my coworkers.  I came across this recipe and thought it not only looked tasty, but it seemed simple enough so I could easily make it after the Y on a Thursday night.


I didn’t want to buy maple extract so I just used vanilla extract.


I don’t know how that affected their taste, but these were pretty fantastic so I’m not sure I want to try the recipe the “right” way.


The butterscotch chips provide the main flavor in these bars but you could certainly switch them out for chocolate, white chocolate, or even cinnamon.


I was glad I got my pecans for free, but these bars were so good that I’ll probably have to buy some nuts soon so I can make them again.


They were a bit hit with my coworkers as well as Sandra, who raved about them and requested the recipe.


Bake a batch of these before you make any resolutions.  I’d hate for you to break them so soon after committing – or recommitting – to eating better.

{Recipe here}

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