Monday, December 17, 2012

{Recipe Recap} Chocolate Mocha Coconut Cookies

It’s Monday and you know what that means: you get a virtual spoonful of sugar to make starting the work week a little better.

I made these cookies last week so I could send them to my mom for her birthday.

Chocolate?  Coffee?  Coconut?  Check, check, and check – all things my mom really likes so putting them into one cookie seemed like a recipe meant for her.


I used chocolate chunks and mini semisweet morsels to make sure that every bite had chocolate in it.  The coconut wasn’t as strong a flavor as I thought it would be, but it was there in just the right amount.  The coffee flavor, however, was quite prevalent, which I thought would force me to steer clear of them, but I actually really liked it.


I used my large cookie scoop so these were generous cookies.  Texture-wise, they were just perfect.  That crispy-chewy on the edges and then soft and chewy, but not cakey, in the middle.


I want to try this recipe without the coconut and with half as much coffee to see if those changes make for a go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe.

I still have four cookie dough balls in the freezer awaiting their fate as some of the most delicious cookies ever, a fate they’ll meet sooner than later, I assure you.

{Recipe here}


Gma said...

FYI all you chocolate chip cookie lovers out there, these were as yummy as they look in the picture. Only complaint I had was that Steph didn't send enough!

McMom said...

Maybe Susan will get some of those frozen ones! My favorite bought cchp cookie is Keebler coconut choc chip...I don't care for feeling the coconut, just a hint of flavor...have you considered a tad of coconut flavoring? Not much.....hmmm maybe we will get some of the originals too! They have to come to my house first, right?