Friday, May 10, 2013


Yes, I am yelling FRIDAY!  This has been a long week and the weekend can’t officially start soon enough.  It kicks off tonight with a show at the DPAC.  The McHusband and I are seeing comedienne Amy Schumer.  She has a new show, which just started a couple weeks ago, on Comedy Central, and I’ve read good reviews of it so I’m looking forward to seeing her live.  Neither the McHusband nor I were familiar with her when we bought the tickets a couple months ago so hopefully we find out tonight that we made a good choice.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going for my first run outside since…Thanksgiving?  I know, I can’t believe I ran a marathon and then more or less hung up my running shoes.  I mean, I still went to the Y and took my classes and used the machines, but I guess I just needed a break from all the pavement pounding.  I think part of it is that I preferred to run outside and since it was turning cold, I wasn’t very motivated to keep it up.  But now that the weather’s getting better (and it’s about time!), I’m craving the fresh air and sun on my bare skin as opposed to the air conditioning and fluorescent light in the Y.

I hope to do one lap through my five-mile route without feeling like I’m dying.  Wish me luck!

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