Thursday, May 30, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Peanut Butter Cookies with Bacon?!

Vanessa’s birthday was last week and a group of us went out to dinner then to Rum Runner’s, the dueling piano bar, on Saturday to celebrate.

You know I can’t let a birthday go by without baking up a little something.  I know Vanessa likes peanut butter cookies and everyone knows she LOVES bacon so I decided to put the two of them together.


BTW, exactly how much does Vanessa like bacon?  I gave her a card with bacon on it and baked bacon into cookies, and Bruce and Heather gave her a big ol’ bag of cooked bacon.  The best part is that Heather and I didn’t coordinate at all, it just worked out to be a baconstravaganza of a birthday.


Back to the cookies.  I took a recipe I’d made before and doubled it then added bacon, which I’d baked earlier in the day, to half the dough and left the other half plain.


I’ve decided that all cookies need a dash of salt on them so I sprinkled both sea salt and sugar on top.


I was hoping the bacon would prove to be the savory addition that I didn’t know peanut butter cookies needed, but I have to say that wasn’t the case.  While the bacon didn’t take away from the deliciousness of these cookies, I didn’t feel like it really added anything either.


These cookies baked up just how I like them: soft and chewy, dense and not cakey.


I didn’t criss-cross these with a fork as is the norm with peanut butter cookies. 


I’m glad I didn’t; these cookies are perfect in my eyes.  They are thick and I love all the cracks.


So what’s the verdict?  Add the bacon or leave it out, just make these peanut butter cookies.


{Recipe here}

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