Wednesday, May 1, 2013

To Grandma’s house we went

On Thursday, April 18th, the McHusband and I drove up to Conneaut Lake, PA, to surprise my grandma for her 90th birthday.

The McHusband drove most of the way, but I got us through the final leg of the trip.



Have you ever seen a tanker of coffee?  Me neither.


My grandma and much of my extended family were at Olive Garden for her birthday dinner when we got into town, but we weren’t able to make it.  Instead, we surprised my grandma at her house when she got home from dinner.  Sorry, no photographic evidence of that. 

There was a party planned for Saturday that my grandma knew about, and she knew about the dinner at Olive Garden, but she didn’t know for sure who all was going to be around.  My dad (from Kansas City, MO), uncle (from WI), aunt (from TX), and sisters (from NC) were also surprise guests.  Thank goodness my grandma has a strong heart!

But before the PAAAAAH-TAY on Saturday, there was lunch and pool at Station 3 on Friday.



Our table was right by the pool table so once we were done eating, Owen and Lyla couldn’t wait to get their hands on the sticks.



The McHusband was such a good sport uncle, helping the kids line up their shots.



And finally a video to show how the pool game ended up being played.

Playing “pool” at Station 3

More from PA soon.  Well, soonish…

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