Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More from Pennsylvania

Remember how we went to Pennsylvania last month?  We did more than teach pre-K kids to play pool in a bar.


We also celebrated a birthday…or four.  If you can’t read the cake, it says Happy Birthday Abby Shannon Stephanie.  Abby is my cousin’s daughter, and I think you know who the other two are. Winking smile


Everyone sang “Happy Birthday.”  Here’s my dad explaining how it’s all of our birthdays.



And in the next two, we’d just finished and we’re laughing because my dad went from “Happy Birthday dear Abby and Shannon” straight to the next line of “Happy Birthday to you.”  Except it came out “Ha-hanie” in an attempted save once he realized he’d forgotten one of the birthday girls.  You know, just his oldest daughter, no biggie.DSC_5192


Then the McHusband cut the cake.  It was an ICE CREAM CAKE, yum!


Owen was too busy playing with the big boys (sons of my cousin; does that make them second cousins or first cousins once removed?) to have any cake.  Good, more for me.


A couple other people pics real quick.

Bri and Maxie.


And the McHusband and me.


My dad with his four brothers and one son-in-law in the mix.  From left to right: my dad, Uncle Ralph, Uncle John, Nate, Uncle Burn, and Uncle Rick.


I love how all the guys on the couch are sitting the same way.


The ladies hanging out at the kitchen table.


The next day we finally celebrated the REAL birthday girl, my grandma, with a birthday party.  More on that soon!

Happy Hump Day!

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