Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The long weekend

Hope you all enjoyed the long holiday weekend.  Back to the real world today.

The McHusband and I grilled some shrimp and veggie skewers for dinner on Friday.


They were even better than I expected and so easy to throw together.  I had all the ingredients for the marinade already, and still do, so we will definitely be eating these again.


I went for a five-mile run on Saturday then got home to do some baking, the results of which I’ll be sharing later this week.  But here’s a quick preview.


That night, we went downtown for dinner, dueling, and dancing.

Guess I should explain the dueling part, huh?  We went to Rum Runner’s, the dueling piano bar.  Vanessa’s neighbors were with us, and Laura’s birthday was yesterday so we were celebrating times two.


We got the pianists to call the birthday girls up on stage for the restaurant’s signature song and dance routine.


A few other snapshots from our table.

Heather and me.




Shawn and the McHusband.


All of us girls.


We girls ended up in the back of the bar, a separate room where they played dance music.  So we had the best of both worlds – entertained by the pianos but we got to put our dancin’ shoes on, too.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key.  We stuck close to home on Sunday since it wasn’t quite warm enough to take Heather and Bruce up on their offer to spend the afternoon on the boat.  That night, we hung out with our friends and old neighbors, Ryan and Sandra, at their house.  Actually, we hung out in front of their house.  It was cool, but still a nice night to be outside if you were dressed for the weather.  Hard to believe I was wearing jeans, two shirts, and a fleece jacket in NC at the end of May.

Monday I did my best to hold the couch down and I’m happy to say it didn’t get away.  The McHusband kept himself busy outside with things like mowing, organizing the shed, and moving the wood pile, which was proving to be too much temptation for Monte.  Speaking of him, he and Morgan were worn out by all the sunshine and fresh air they got this weekend.


Monte weighed in at 42 pounds yesterday.  He’s four months old this week.  Morgan is nine years old this month.


There you have it, our weekend in a nutshell.  It was busy enough, but I was happy to have plenty of downtime as well.

Hope the rest of you spent your extra time this weekend how you wanted!

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Gma said...

Holy smokes, Monte is growing fast and hard to believe that Morgie is 9 already. The pic cracks me up --- I'm envisioning Morgan saying "this is my pillow and there's no room for you" and Monte thinking "I'll show you!"