Friday, January 24, 2014

My Baby Shower: Cake

I think I’ll do the rest of the shower in one post next week, but I thought the cake deserved a spotlight.


The McMom made the cake. Let me say that again: The McMom MADE this.


The cake flavor is a favorite of mine – it’s the same one we had at our wedding.  Do you see how the McMom was able to make the edges look like pages of a book?


I love the tiny book covers and the McMom even included one of the McHusband’s Micro Machines.


Thank you, McMom, for making such a special cake for the shower.  It looked fabulous AND it tasted delicious.


McHusband said...

I'll second that not only did it look great but it tasted great too! Thanks again mom!

Gma said...

It was soooo much better than a boutique bakery cake and everyone knows I'm a sucker for things of the heart! I think McMom might have aged a year or two stressing on the outcome - all for naught because it was tasty AND so darn cute and of course, perfect for our book theme!

Awesome job Grammie!