Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My pin-worthy Christmas craft

I had two trees up in the house.  One was in the dining room.


The other was in the kitchen.


I made this “tree” a couple years ago and luckily I’m able to store it so I can reuse it each year.  I used shiny and matte green balls and then a silver ball for the trunk.


I hung the ornaments from white gift ribbon and tied the ribbons to a shower rod.  I love that in the pictures, you can’t tell that the ornaments are tethered; it looks like they’re just magically floating there.


When I hosted Women’s Night at the beginning of the month, several ladies were very impressed by my craftiness and asked me if it was something I saw on Pinterest.  I made this waaaaaay before I was on Pinterest.  Shoot, I don’t even think Pinterest was really a thing when I made this.

A few of the women even took pictures of my tree.  They say imitation is the highest form of flattery so with that in mind, I hope these trees pop up in all my neighbors’ windows.


Just cuz I have the pictures – and they comply with the tree theme –I’ll share my mantle with you.  I decorated it the same as I did last year.



These trees remind me of the ones in Whoville because of the way they’re a little topsy-turvy looking.


I really like the simplicity of the berry garland and the fact that it’s not uber traditional.


Nothing says Happy New Year like Christmas decorations in January, right?

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Ashley said...

I really like the tree made from ornaments, I may have to give this a try myself this Christmas =)