Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Birthday Boy

Monte is a year old today.

Here he is the weekend we brought him home in April when he was eight weeks old.



And here he is Monday night.


What a handsome boy!

Monte now outweighs Morgan by at least 25 pounds, maybe closer to 30.



Guess what?  Monte’s not the only birthday boy today.  It’s Kevin’s birthday, too.  Happy birthday, Kevin!


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McHusband said...

Not sure we could have "planned" this any better, lol. I said if we were getting another puppy we probably needed to do it sooner rather than later (after Tucker passed). I wanted the dog to be at least a year old before we brought a baby into our lives too. Well guess what... we're going to clear that goal by just a couple weeks! :)

Happy Birthday Monte and Kevin!