Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend in review

Another busy weekend.  We hosted Rick and Sabrina, who were down from Boston visiting us, some other friends, and some of Rick’s family.

On Friday, I went to a neighbor’s house for Women’s Night while Sabrina met a friend for dinner and the boys met up with Byron for dinner and karaoke.  They ended up staying at a hotel that night and we all met up for brunch at the Farmer’s Market Restaurant on Saturday.

That evening, while Rick and Sabrina had dinner with friends, I washed my first load of baby clothes.


All of us were tired so we called it a night by 11:15.  Sunday was breakfast at Cooley’s then we all walked the dogs before Rick and Sabrina headed out to meet up with his parents and aunt and uncle before flying home Sunday evening.

I spent the afternoon doing laundry and washing bottles.


While I was busy with those chores, the McHusband was adding the last of the boards to the walls in the baby’s room.  I painted them and the others that he caulked so the finish line is finally in sight!


Luckily, the crockpot was in charge of dinner so I was able to whip up a little treat while the McHusband worked out.


I’m looking forward to a much less busy week this week, and while I know next weekend will be full of to-do’s, I’m anticipating it being much more low key than this one and the last.  Plus, I should be able to get the baby’s room all set up for real, and I’m excited about that.

Happy Monday!

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