Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All About Owen

I don't usually have many pictures of Owen, but now I'm overflowing with them so here's a belated post dedicated just to him.

Here he is in the bath. He looks a little traumatized, doesn't he?

But here it looks like he's recovered and is feelin' good.

You know, my mom pointed out that she thought he looked like my Uncle John in that picture, and I can see that, but I also think he looks like my grandad (Uncle John's - and my dad's -dad) who passed away a little more than a year ago. Hey, maybe that's where all that hair comes from. My grandad had lots of hair and he could make it move. Seriously, you had to see it. I forget who it was, Bri or Shannon, but one of them tried to pull his hair off because it was moving so much that it just HAD to be fake.

His cries of pain were very real, I assure you.

And here's Owen learning what those things at the ends of his arms can do.

Finally, here's Owen in bed talking to his mobile when he was supposed to be napping.

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