Monday, January 12, 2009

New car!

I got a new-to-me car this weekend. It's actually a year older than the Focus - 2003 vs. 2004. It's an Acura TL Type S; if you want to know what all those letters mean, talk to the McHusband. I'm pretty sure the Type S refers to it being the sporty or speedy (or both) version of the TL.

Before we could get the new car, we had to sell the Focus and make room in the garage. We were lucky enough to sell the Focus after it had been on craigslist for only one day, and we got $200 less than our asking price so not too bad.

Here I am Friday night having a moment with the Focus before the buyer came to take it away.

The Focus was a really great car for me. I have nothing but love for it.

But I have room in my heart to love another car.

And here's the interior, which is what I care about. It's got HEATED leather seats, a sunroof, a fancy-looking dash/console area, and a driver's seat that can program two positions and move according to which key is in the ignition. Pretty cool, huh?

Yeah, I know that memory seats aren't exactly a recent technological advance in automobiles, but remember that I drove a Focus where you dug your heels in and scooted back and forth to adjust the seat so these things are exciting for me.


McHusband said...

I don't want to leave anyone hanging so... Type-S = sportier suspension, larger wheel/tire combo, a few little visual accents and most importantly a more powerful 260 hp / 232 ft*lb 3.2L engine!

Gina said...

Ok, I am several posts behind, but I have to say that I LOVE your new car! Those Acura TLs are awesome, and heated seats are my personal favorite feature in any car. Anyway, congrats - it's pretty!