Saturday, January 24, 2009

Snow '09

You may have heard - the Triangle got lots of snow on Tuesday. Charlotte got snow, too, but not as much. I guess Bri'll remember her 28th birthday, huh?

Here's the view of our cul-de-sac from our bathroom windows:

Neither Morgan nor Tucker had seen enough snow to matter before so we were excited to get them outside. Tucker's relatively fearless so we figured he'd barrel right out the door and get to investigatin'. But he wasn't so sure about all that cold white stuff. He is from Texas after all.

Once outside, though, there was no stopping him. He and Morgan both loved the snow.

What happens when snow and boy parts meet.

Tucker even loved eating the snowballs we'd throw for him.

A McHusband and his dog...

Here's the front of the house and the view up the street.

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