Saturday, January 24, 2009


We ordered our stools when my dad and sister were visiting the week after Christmas and they finally came in. They were in several pieces and we had to assemble them so I'm not exactly sure what part of the process took 3 weeks.

I told the McHusband that I'd have 'em put together before he got home that night. And I would have had at least one assembled except the thing that allows the chairs to swivel was too tight for me to turn (heck, it was almost too tight for the McHusband), then I was apparently misled by the really well drawn - NOT written - instructions as to which screws to use where. Once the McHusband turned the thingie and pointed me toward the right screws, though, I got my stool together in no time. In fact, I ended up putting two together.

Tucker thought the box was a better addition to the kitchen than the stools.

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