Saturday, January 31, 2009

"I wouldn't let Chelle paint any room in our house that color."

That's what Jeremy said when he saw my purple powder room. But that's okay, to each his own, right?

The bathroom's not done yet. I need to get some stuff up on the wall across from the toilet to break the purple up a little and I want to get some kind of window treatment up, but I like how the paint turned out. It's what I wanted - a bold color that's not too crazy.

What do you think?

I would say that the actual color is like what you see across the top of the wall in this first picture. The natural light coming in the window makes the paint seem lighter than it actually is.

Tucker will sometimes sit on the landing and if he catches sight of himself in the mirror, he'll huff a little at the other dog in the house. I happened to catch him coming downstairs smoking his bone.

We replaced the builder-standard mirror (and, yes, the old one is in the backyard where Mustand hoods and mirrors go to die), the hardware including the toilet flusher, and the faucet.

I found this mirror at Lowes for $88. Restoration Hardware sells a very similar one for about three times as much. After we'd already put this one up, I saw one like it at Target for even less - around $65, I think. Hey, just because I missed out on a good deal doesn't mean anyone else should so I'm spreading the word.

I hope my purple bathroom doesn't have anyone (besides Jeremy) questioning my good sense but if it does, well, that's okay.

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