Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A McBirthday

The McHusband's birthday is the day after Christmas. Anyone (besides the McMom who's in the same boat as me times two since the McDad's birthday is December 31st) who complains about not knowing what to get a significant other for Christmas should try needing to figure out what to get for Christmas AND a birthday at the same time. Some years, like this year, are easier than others - and then there was the year when the McHusband got, among other things, a brown belt for Christmas and a black one for his birthday.

Hey, desperate times, you know? Nothing's wrong with a few useful gifts thrown in as padding.

This year, I got the McHusband a GPS, which he really liked. Thank goodness because it was his only gift from me. From the McInlaws, he got a model car he'd said he wanted plus an accessory for it. And it's a very appropriate accessory, too.

Here he is putting his new toy together. Note the oil spot on the floor.

(Apparently working on model cars requires the same clothes that working on real cars do.)

Now the test - will the car stay on the lift or come crashing down?


Now the toy, I mean 1993 teal Cobra on an asymmetrical 2-post rotary lift can go to its permanent home on the bookshelf.

Now, the reason this was a very appropriate accessory is that the McHusband's actual teal Cobra has been in the shop since we moved. That's right, it's never even lived at the new house. I don't have a picture of it at the shop, but I'm pretty sure this is a good assumption of how it looks:

Boys and their toys...

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