Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Part III

The McChristmas Saga continues.

After Christmas morning at Bri's house, we headed to the McInlaws' house for Christmas there with them, Kevin, Jenny, and Chase.

The McHusband got a retracting air hose reel thingie that he sorta broke within 2.5 seconds of getting it out of the box. Please note that the order of these pictures (unlike how I appear in pictures in this blog) is not subjective; this is how it happened in real life.

The McHusband opened his present, broke it, then Kevin tried to fix it.

THEN the McHusband pulls out the directions.


The McHusband and I got Chase a cowboy jumperoo-type thing that he seemed to really enjoy. If I can figure out how to change my video size, I'll add the video of him jumping in it. For now, a picture will have to do.

The McInlaws got Kevin a Wii and I think he enjoyed playing that as much as Chase enjoyed his horse.

Here're Kevin and Jenny enjoying having someone else look after Chase while they play video games.

Hopefully the horsey thing does the trick at their house so they can play video games while Chase pretends to be a cowboy.

Finally, here's Uncle McHusband with Chase.

Don't they both look really comfortable? I don't think we would've gotten a similar picture at Thanksgiving.

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