Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fire in the old neighborhood

A house just down the street from our old house caught fire and essentially burned down on Monday. I didn't know the people who lived there, but I knew they had a dog, a yellow Lab named Kelly. Luckily, the dog was with them (they'd been on a trip to Charlotte) and not stuck in the house.

It may seem morbid, but I drove by there on Tuesday and got a couple of pictures with my cell phone.

I'm not fireman, but it seems like the fire might've started in the garage since that's where the house is the most destroyed. Although I bet the garage led into the kitchen so it could've started in there as well.

The neighborhood's property management company is collecting clothes for the family so I bought some pajama pants from Kohl's and will go through our closets tonight to see if there's anything good to give to them. I also got them a card and mentioned that we'd just moved and had extra stuff that we'd be happy to donate to help them get on their feet so we'll see if that goes anywhere.

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