Monday, January 19, 2009

Lucky sweater?

Nothing too exciting to report from this weekend except that I beat the McHusband and everyone else with us in bowling Saturday night. That's right, I was the big winner with a score of 135. I realize that's not a particularly noteworthy bowling score, but it was the best of the group (8 of us) so I'm singin' it from the mountains.

Did I mention I beat the McHusband? He thought he had me at the beginning, then I got two strikes in a row and had a few good frames, then he crept up and eased past me. But I pulled it out in the 10th frame with a strike and then 9 more pins (didn't quite pick up the spare). I'll give the McHusband credit - he had 133, which is a very credible score. Not as good as 135, but still pretty good. :)

Maybe it was because I was wearing the sweater the McMom knitted for me. That's right, I was wearing a McMom Original.

Check me out:

And here's my "Strike a pose!" pose:

Hmmm, on second thought, it looks like the first in a series of pictures meant only for the McHusband...

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