Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Doggie - er, kiddie? - door

The McInlaws visited Kevin, Jenny, and Chase on Sunday. There was work to be done - spread mulch, set up the pool, paint shutters - and someone had to keep Chase occupied while Jenny actually worked (as a home health nurse).

Now that Chase is walking, I'm not sure who worked harder: Kevin and the McDad outside, or Grammie inside - then outside then inside - with Chase.

Guess what? Kevin and Jenny have a special door just for Chase.

"Watch this, Grammie!"

"Bye, Grammie!"

Um, Kevin and Jenny? Maybe it's time to think about installing one of those pet doors that only open for the dog who's wearing a certain collar to activate the door.

Then again, the yard is fenced. How far can he get?


G'ma said...

OMG - tooooooooo funny!

McMom said...

He can't get far, but he COULD fall OFF the deck!! Actually, there are pics Jenny has posted maybe on her Facebook??? Where she actually captured him going OUT the door -- so this was just to SHOW Grammie he COULD if he wanted to!! Keeps a Grammie on her toes for sure!!