Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crown molding

Remember my teaser picture in the corn pudding post? The picture of the nail gun?

Well, it's time to share what that was for. The McHusband put up crown molding in the powder room and den. The stuff in the den isn't done yet - it still needs caulked - so I'm only allowed to share bathroom pictures.

Over the window before and during:

Caulk's amazing stuff. What a difference it made. See for yourself.

The powder room's a hard space to get a good picture of so this'll have to do as the money shot.

The McHusband got frustrated with this project at times, but I know we're both really impressed with the difference a few decorative pieces of wood can make. Wait until you see the den.


Jenny said...

It looks great Steph!!! Tell Ryan to bring his tools when you are down here and he can tackle our house :)!!!

Gina said...

We have had many struggles with crown molding, trying to get it just right. Bob has ripped it down once in our bedroom and is threatening to do it again! Yours looks awesome!

McMom said...

Looks GREAT!!! Maybe over the years he DID absorb something other than the yelling and swearing during projects!!!