Wednesday, September 16, 2009

{Steam}Fresh vs. Canned

Have you guys seen the Birds Eye Steamfresh products in the freezer section of your grocery store? The McHusband and I really like the corn, but I switched things up the other day and got the green beans. Now, the McHusband isn't too picky when it comes to food, not like SOME people (ahem, Byron and Terry), but I wasn't sure he'd be feeling the green beans.

You'd think I'd know his tastes inside and out by now, but I guess there are still some things I don't know (for sure) about him.

When I got home from the store, I asked him, "Do you like green beans?" He said he did.

On Sunday, we marinated some steaks and onion slices (Thanks, Jeremy!) and grilled those along with some corn on the cob.

We'd never grilled corn on the cob before and let me tell you - we may never cook it any other way again. It basically turned out perfect. I just put some butter and salt and pepper on them and wrapped them in foil and the McHusband, grillmaster that he's becoming, took care of the rest.

I was in charge of the green beans since those had to be nuked. When they were done and I put them in a bowl, the McHusband said, "Oh, I don't like those." (McMom, I think you can probably imagine how he said that; just replace "those" with "Quiznos.")

I said, "But I asked you if you liked green beans and you said yes."

"I like CANNED grean beans, the skinny ones," he explained.

Apparently, he'd rather have mushy string beans from a can than relatively fresh cut green beans that you have to actually chew.

We're about to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary and our THIRTEENTH year together. Can you believe I'm just figuring out his green bean preference? Geez, what else don't I know about him?

Of course I wouldn't make you read all my ramblings without a picture or three.

Sorry, I forgot to include the corn on the cob. Imagine corn. On the cob.

Tori was waiting for scraps (and got them).

And Tucker put his best cute face forward, but he failed miserably. No table scraps for him.


McMom said...

McDad and I found this VERY amusing!! NUKED Green Beans!!! We prefer ours from the GARDEN, don't know where Ryan got that skinny canned thing! Well, the casserole I fix at Christmas. How could you forget your McBrother-in-law who also doesn't eat GREEN. However, I think green beans are about the ONLY green thing he DOES eat! I have been married almost 42 years and there are STILL surprises!!! Hang in there....Love, McMom

Sara said...

If you feel adventurous next time you grill your corn, a little lime juice and chili powder make it delicious with a little kick.