Thursday, September 3, 2009


Got your attention with that title, didn't I?

And get back here, stop scrolling down - there aren't any pictures with this post. Sheesh! What kind of blog do you think this is?

WHAT IS UP WITH THE OLD NAKED PEOPLE IN THE LOCKER ROOM AT THE YMCA? Is it an "old thing?" Like, they just don't care anymore who sees them in their birthday suit? They spent their whole lives covering up and, by golly, they aren't going to do it anymore!

I went into the locker room after my spinning class and these two women with lockers near mine had just showered and were taking their time drying off and getting clothes on. I always change my shirt after working out because it's typically soaked with sweat (sorry, probably TMI). The locker room has these little "stalls" with a curtain that you can use to change. That's where I go because, well, I'm not old enough or in good enough shape to be naked or even semi-nude in the locker room.

I'm sure the two old ladies who saw me go in there were probably scoffing at my modesty. "Who does she think she is? Like we even wanted to see her change! Being naked is natural, no one should be ashamed to see or be seen that way."

I had to pass the ladies on the way from the changing stall to my locker. At that point, the one lady was drying off in a way that really wasn't fit for others to see. I mean, people PAY to visit computer sites where that kind of action is featured.

I'm sure I'm the weird one who can't handle naked strangers hanging out near me, but I'm still going to complain about it. And I'm sure the repercussion of doing so is going to be becoming one of those naked old ladies one day.

Consider this fair warning.


Gma said...

Too funny and I KNOW you were very uncomfortable given that you don't want ANYONE to see you in shorts, let alone naked!

Dare I ask ... how old were these "old" ladies? And if you say 55 or so, well I might just have to smack you upside the head!

McMom said...

Well, now that I have quit laughing and wiped away the tears.I must tell you my dear.......goodness knows you don't EVER want to see ME naked. But you are my daughter-in-law and my son, your husband, has already made it known that he feels NO son should ever have to see his mother naked.......SO it could be YOU having to brave it someday IF the need should ever arise,let's hope WE can BOTH laugh about it as hard as I just did reading your post!! Love, McMom

Sara said...

Naked old people are rampant in gyms everywhere! You should hear Cliff's stories about the old men at our mostly-older-clients gym.

When I used to work at the YMCA in college, this one very big fine woman used to sit around naked DIRECTLY ON THE BENCH and just clip her toenails. And on top of the nakedness, she would just leave her bits of nail in the middle of the floor.