Monday, September 7, 2009

Who needs the zoo?

I met my mom, Bri, Lyla, Shannon, and Owen at Chili's in Asheboro for lunch on Sunday then we headed up the street to the mall to spend a little more time together. Lyla and Owen both did great in their high chairs during lunch (no small feat for Lyla who's walking now and NOT wanting to be restrained).

Lyla was excited to see the play area in the mall and Owen thought it was pretty cool, too. Who needs the Asheboro Zoo when you can see and touch polar bears and cheetahs IN the mall for free?

"Oooh, a tunnel!"

"Hi, Gma and Owen!"

I think the bridge is a little too steep for our new walker.

Owen found a cool new playmate.

And he thought the moving blocks were especially fun. (Sorry for the abrupt finish to the video, my camera's memory card was full so I had to delete some of the McHusband's car pics to make room for my pictures.)

"These are so much fun!"

Look at Lyla go! She's not a baby anymore.

Whew! It looks like Lyla's so tired that she's asleep on her feet.

We left the play area and checked out some department stores. Owen's favorite store? Sears! (That's where 'Merica shops, by the way.)

Did you guys know that Sears has a play area, too? Yep, and it has BIG toys!

"Where's the brake release on this thing anyway?"

"Watch out, Aunt Steph, I'm comin' your way!"

After a while, Lyla was finally happy to ride around for a bit so long as her shoes - or "Soos!" - were on display.

We made one last pit stop at the little kiddie rides then it was time to head home.

"What do you mean, it's time to go?"

Thanks, guys, for meeting me in Asheboro. I loved seeing everyone and can't wait for our next visit!


McMom said...

Looks like a FUN day for all!!! Can't get over that HAIR on Owen!!

G'ma said...

Great way for all to get together w/o one particular person having to spend 3 hours in a car. Can't wait until next year when we take the babies to the REAL zoo!