Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tucker and his Frisbee

Tucker is pretty much obsessed with his Frisbee. All he wants to do is be outside with you throwing it so he can get it, bring it back, and start all over again. He will beg to go out then if you don't go out with him, he'll sit on the deck and every time you go near the door, he'll stare at the Frisbee (which we've been keeping on top of the grill). It's so pitiful and cute that 2 out of 3 times I end up out there throwing the Frisbee for him. Come on, you've seen him; how can I resist?

Between the French drain and the Frisbee, I think we're gonna have one tired pup on our hands tonight.

The McHusband ended up putting the Frisbee in a new spot - on top of the breaker box. When I let Tucker out later, I was wondering why he was sitting just off the deck looking at the house.

(These photos aren't staged. Tucker just goes out and sits and stares all on his own accord.)

"Please, Mom, pretty, pretty please?"

And you know what? I caved and threw him the Frisbee.


McMom said...

Obsessed it is!!! THAT is soooo funny that he is staring at it wherever it is stored!!

Jenny said...

well you know that you can't resist that face!!!