Monday, May 21, 2012

Funday Monday

::Sigh::  It’s Monday.  Again.  I know all the days get equal time on the calendar, but how come Monday’s the one that comes around the quickest and seems to last the longest?

But enough dwelling on the weekend being over.  Let’s look back at how it went.

Friday was all about shower prep.  I finally sat down with some Grey’s  a little after 11:00 but it wasn’t to watch TV, it was to finish up my last project of the evening – the favors.  I recruited the McHusband from 11:30 to midnight to get them bagged and tagged.


I got up at 7:30 Saturday morning so I could get in a quick run before – you guessed it – getting back to shower stuff.  It was a busy morning, but it was worth it.  We had a great time celebrating Kim and the daughter-we-haven’t-met-yet.


So where was the McHusband while my house was busting at the seams with estrogen?  He’d planned to spend the day doing fun car stuff with some friends.  Instead, he did some not-so-fun townhouse stuff.


Our realtor called at 10:00 Saturday morning.  He was showing the townhouse and found what you see above.  The short story is that the toilet in the master bathroom was leaking and it had been for long enough to create a puddle that found its way under the floor and out through the ceiling over the den.

I may let the McHusband post about the whole debacle since he handled it.  Basically, it could be worse.  Thank goodness for insurance and ServPro.

We went over to Heather and Bruce’s Saturday night and hung out in a circle in the driveway, talking and relaxing and having some beer.  Well, not me; I went with water and pizza.  The McHusband needed the beer after the day he’d had so I was the DD.

Sunday was MUCH calmer with laundry, TV, some dismantling of the shower, and spinning.  We tried a new recipe for grilled shrimp for dinner and it was pretty good.  Not the best ever, but very easy to put together so it’s definitely worth remembering.


Hope you all had good weekends!  Anyone else out there wishing theirs had lasted just a little bit longer?

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Gma said...

I love the wall treatment -- what a great backdrop! The hole in the ceiling? Ya, not so much. Thank goodness you had a showing or who knows how much damage could have been done.