Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Bear with me, I’m playing a bit of a catch-up game.  A group of us went to the Zac Brown Band concert a couple Fridays ago.  The weather started off really beautiful and perfect for an outdoor concert.  But once the sun went down, it cooled off tremendously.

We – that’d be Greg, Kim, Jari, Chelle, and I – arrived early enough to eat our dinners (sandwiches from Which Wich?) and have a couple drinks before heading into the pavilion.




Once inside, we were lucky enough to pick a spot on the lawn close to where Terry and Vickie happened to be hanging out.


They were up on this deck thanks to their neighbor, a DJ with the local country station, who gave them some passes (or something along those lines).  They returned the photo favor by taking one of me.


And as you can see, ZBB pulled in a crowd, which was very apparent than when we tried to leave later.  Oh man, I’ve never wanted one of those “Beam me up, Scotty!” thingies more than when we tried to get home after the concert.

Kim, Jari, Jari’s friend, and I are going back to the pavilion in a couple of weeks for another country concert.  This time we’ll see Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker.  I’ve seen both of them before, but not together.  Should be a great concert, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for excellent weather.

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mcMom said...

I am jealous...of BOTH concerts!! Terry looks like he has been dieting! Tell him he looks HOT! mcMom