Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas Eve

So let’s rewind to the end of last year.  Bear with me while I take a few days to recap Christmas 2012.

We spent Christmas Eve at Bri’s house.  It was a rainy day so the kids and I burned some energy inside.  (You have to watch to around the 20-second mark.  Watch how Maxie throws herself headfirst and head-down on the sleeping bag.  She did that every time.)

What a drag!

We refueled with Christmas cookies.



After the cookie break, it was time for Dance Party in the Den.

Dancin’ in the Den

(Sorry the video’s out of focus.)


Love these two sweet girls!


Before we got around to opening gifts, lined up in front of the tree for a family photo.  Amazing that we got a decent one with everyone smiling AND looking at the camera.


Time to tear through some wrapping paper!


From my mom.  Look how pretty the wrapping is.


My favorite: pizza!


It’s actually a shadowbox for my marathon.


Creative moms rock!  Two more pieces of evidence:


My mom made these silhouettes of Morgan, Tucker, and Nixie, who is Bri and Nate’s dog.


Bri and Shannon got silhouettes of their kids.  (Bri already had one of Lyla so that’s why there’s one picture missing.)


Shannon surprised my mom with a canvas print of one of the pictures of us from the park after Thanksgiving.


So there you go, those are the highlights from Christmas Eve.  I also tried that chocolate wine for the first time that night.  I was a little skeptical, but it turns out I should’ve started drinking it a LONG time ago.  Yum!

Bri had her slippers on when it was time for the McHusband and me to say goodbye and since it was wet outside, she added another layer of footwear to keep her feet dry.


We call them Cruggs and expect the trend to take the fashion world by storm.


You know you want a pair.

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Gma said...

Darned good looking gaggle of Mowris folk, but then again I may very well be just a tad bit biased!

Another great holiday - I love you all!