Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The McHusband’s Birthday

December 26th started much the way December 25th did – with excitement about gifts.  But this time it was all about the McHusband although his pile of gifts was about the same size as the pile the day before.  His big gift from his parents was a new weight bench, which got delivered to our house the week before. 



Not pictured is the 16-lb medicine ball I got him that he opened at home literally right before we headed to Charlotte. Space was at a premium in the Jeep, and we didn’t really need to lug that with us just to put it back in the car and lug it back home.


Did you notice the yellow-faced watch on the McHusband’s wrist?  That was a combo Christmas-birthday gift from Kevin and Jenny.

That night, we had dinner at Maverick Rock Taco.  Bill and Veerle were able to join us and it was wonderful to have a little time to catch up with them.




Kevin, Jenny, the McHusband and I went bowling after dinner.  I suppose that since it was the McHusband’s birthday, we should’ve let him win.  But I know deep down he wouldn’t have wanted that.  So instead, we girls kicked the boys butts.


You probably can’t see all the X’s, but Jenny got a turkey (that’s 3 strikes in a row for you non-bowlers out there) early in this game.  Pretty impressive even if she did claim dumb luck.

I, however, had to prove that my good-for-me score wasn’t a fluke and get another decent one.


The boys redeemed themselves in the second game by breaking 100, but we girls still came out on top.  That was fun, wasn’t it, Jenny? Open-mouthed smile

So there you go, the final installment of Christmas 2012.  Sorry it took me so long to get it all recapped, but maybe it worked out okay.  I mean, I can’t be the only one who’s kinda holiday-ed out by  January 1st.

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