Friday, January 4, 2013

Green Smoothie Challenge Take Two

I did my first green smoothie challenge in March and I’m so glad I did – who would’ve thought spinach could be hidden in plain sight and taste so good?

Katherine, the Real Food Runner, is hosting the challenge again.  I started a couple days late because I didn’t feel like going to the store on New Year’s Day, then yesterday was my late day at the Y so I still didn’t make it to a grocery store.  Finally, though, I was able to go today.  We’ll see if I can squeeze an extra smoothie into each weekend day, or if I end up with only five smoothies in my system.

We had a company lunch meeting today and ordered pizza from Capital Creations.  I’m making sure to give the restaurant a shout-out here because it was some really good pizza so I’m recommending you try it if you’re in the area.  Anyway, I ate two slices and figured a smoothie for dinner was just what I needed.  I whipped up my old favorite: a small banana, some strawberries, half a cup of plain 2% Greek yogurt, about a cup of spinach, half a scoop of vanilla protein powder, then ice as needed to thicken it to smoothie consistency.


I’m looking forward to having a chocolate green smoothie this weekend and wait ‘til you see that one.  It’s not exactly the most appealing-looking drink out there.

Nope, it doesn’t look half as delicious as this.


If you were intrigued by the last challenge and were leaning even a little toward drinking your greens, I urge you to give it a try.  I promise, with the right combination of fruit, you really can’t taste the spinach.  I will admit, though, that the flavored protein powder helps with making this concoction tasty, but it’s not necessary.  Use honey or even a little vanilla extract to sweeten the smoothie as needed.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  And I promise I’ll be back on Monday with something a little more cupcake-y.

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