Friday, January 11, 2013

Trust me

Did you guys see this article about people with brown eyes seeming more trustworthy?

Gaze deep into the eyes of the person you're talking to. Do you trust them? Chances are, if they have brown eyes you'll find their overall facial features to be more trustworthy than if their eyes were blue, according to researchers at Charles University in Prague. However, when another group of v0lunteers saw pictures of men with brown eyes and blue eyes, the brown-eyed men were still reported as looking more trustworthy, but researchers say the key features that indicated trustworthiness did not necessarily include eye color. Brown-eyed men often shared facial features like rounder faces, broader jaws and larger eyes — qualities that seemed more masculine. On the other hand, men with blue eyes were said to have facial features that made them seem "shifty."

This brown-eyed girl, who’s married to a blue-eyed guy, finds it interesting.



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