Wednesday, January 9, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Malted Milk Ball Krispie Treats (a.k.a. Garbage Can Treats and it’s not cuz they’re chock-full of add-ins)

I had a recipe fail tonight, but luckily I had enough of most of the ingredients to redo the treat.  My problem was using old marshmallows.  Yep, they’ll get you every time.  They tasted fine, but when I melted them, they didn’t thin out and mix together with the butter so I couldn’t get my Rice Krispies mixed into them.  I ended up with a big blob that wasn’t working for me.  So I started over and luckily I was successful on my second try.


These are Malted Milk Ball Krispie Treats.  I was looking for a no-bake treat that I could put together quickly for my HOA meeting tonight.  Even with making them twice, these were easy to make and didn’t take long.

I didn’t realize that the malted milk powder that I had in the pantry was chocolate, but I think maybe that was an error that worked out for the best.  The chocolate flavor is still really light, but it adds another dimension to the treats.

The best dimension, though, is a 3-D one: the Whopper pieces throughout the treats.  Yum, yum, yum!


(Please excuse the phone pics, I didn’t feel like getting out the camera and downloading pictures.)

I think the guys on the HOA board with me will gobble these up.  And whatever’s left won’t stand a chance in the same room as the McHusband who loooooooves Whoppers and malt flavor in general.

Speaking of my hubby…

Put these pictures in order.

First a couple bites then the garbage?



Or…first the garbage and then a taste or two?



We’ll never tell…

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