Thursday, January 31, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Nutella Cocoa Krispie Treats

I sent a box of treats up to Michigan on Monday.  I remembered when we visited there in May that Kevin was a big fan of the dessert pizza we had on our last day there, and I recalled that it was made with Nutella.

Since I wasn’t sure how long it would take the treats to get to Kevin, I wanted to make something that I was fairly sure wouldn’t be stale by the time it arrived at its destination.  Extra gooey Rice Krispie treats seemed a logical choice.


I doubled the recipe.  Well, most of the recipe.  I think I might’ve only used 1.5 times the Cocoa Krispies.


I cut the edges off so that the treats I sent to Kevin would be nice, even little squares. Unlike with brownies, however, where edges are less than desirable in my book, these edges tasted just fine and I was happy to share them with the McHusband’s office.


Jenny was kind enough to snap a few pics and send them to me so I could include them with this post.

The birthday boy with his box o’ treats.


Good dad that he is, he made sure to share with Chase and Leah.  I hear they like Nutella, too.


I’m very happy that what I chose to make for Kevin’s birthday treat was such a hit.  This is the third birthday treat I’ve sent (cookies to my mom and brownies to Bri), and I love surprising people with something I think they’ll really enjoy.


What I’m liking about these treats?  The leftover Cocoa Krispies.  A cup of those with half a cup of skim milk makes for a great late-night snack.

{Recipe here}

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