Friday, January 25, 2013

Our hairy houseguest

We watched Cody while Chelle and Jeremy were out of town last weekend.


Jeremy dropped him off soon after we got home from boot camp on Saturday.  Shortly afterward, the McHusband settled on the loveseat for a little catnap.  Cody followed suit.


When the boys woke up, the McHusband had a little fun at Cody’s expense.


What a sweet puppy.


That afternoon, we took Cody out in the backyard for a little frisbee fun.






After a few more throws, Cody did what Tucker would do.  Instead of bringing the frisbee back to be thrown again, he took it to the shade and laid down with it.



I headed inside and Cody followed me, darting ahead up onto the deck.


I went inside and had a small breakdown.  It was bittersweet to see the McHusband out there throwing Tucker’s frisbee for Cody.


(And I know I still need to do a Tucker tribute post but if it’s this hard to write about a frisbee, I can’t imagine how difficult it’ll be to write about our Tucker-bud and what he meant to us.)

But back to Cody.  I think it took him until 6:00 Sunday evening to settle down and be willing to lay on a bed and keep an eye on me through half-shut eyes rather than being so close that he was actually touching me.


Cody is a very sweet, well-behaved dog who is welcome to stay with us any time.


TGIF!  Our area’s supposed to get snow starting around noon today so we’ll see what kind of mess that makes.  Schools are already scheduled to get out three hours early so hopefully once the kids get home, the roads won’t be so crowded and I can make it safely home without sitting in traffic.

Have a great weekend!


Gma said...

I have to admit, I took a big gulp when I saw the pic of Cody with Tucker's frisbee and by the time you and Cody were heading inside, I had tears streaming down my cheeks.

We miss you Sweet Tucker!

McHusband said...

Way to take a happy post and make me sad Stephanie, lol. J/K After reading I had to go back and look at my "tribute" post on a website I frequent:

Warning Mowris ladies, if you read/look at that you'll probably want some tissues near.

I miss ya Bud. :(

Gma said...

Ryan, sooooooooooooooo should of listened to you... instead I have soggy shoulders from dripping tears. The pic of your hand on his back while he laid next to you while you're working on the car tells the tale of his 4.5 years. I believe if you look it up in the dictionary, it might be found under "special".

McMom said...

That makes three of us teary from this post....reading it out loud to Dad was the worst...then it didn't help at all that the last picture of Cody looked so much like Abby....McMom. Miss that lug of love!

McMom said...

Just lookin back for some Tucker posts and damn if Cody doesn't look like Abby...I know there will be a new family photo soon....;>(. McMom