Monday, July 20, 2009

Bathing beauties - and Tucker

Morgan and Tucker very much enjoyed the beautiful atypical July weather we had here yesterday.

Their temperatures tend to run like the McHusband's and mine. Tucker's hot-natured while Morgan could soak up the sun for hours and hours.

Tucker had his spot in the shade:

While Morgan was happiest in the sun:

The McHusband even got in on the sunbathing action. He's headed to Myrtle Beach later this week for his annual Mustang Week trip (no girls allowed!) so he was trying to get some color on the body parts that DON'T stick out of his t-shirt and shorts.

Tucker stood guard at the back door. In the a/c.

(If you're wondering what that is to Tucker's left, it's the fronts of the kitchen chairs. I was mopping the kitchen while the McHusband was outside working on his tan.)

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G'ma said...

YUPPERS - good thing the weather cooperated so the McHusband could catch some rays -- got to be a little bronzed when you're hanging out with your buddies and Mustang at the beach!