Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not a complete failure

I made a couple things to take to TN: Sam's Salsa (corn, black beans, diced tomatoes) and Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie.

Because of the number of people, I doubled each recipe. That meant opening, draining, and dumping TWO cans of each veggie for the salsa. Sheesh, I hope all those McRelatives appreciated my hard work.

I was really taking a chance with the pie. I mean, we all remember what happened the last time I tried one of PW's recipe, right? Not only was I trying a new recipe, but I was doubling it. Talk about setting myself up for failure...

But guess what? My pie turned out to be a success! It looked fine and it was delicious. (Photo - and pie - by Pioneer Woman.)

We didn't eat all the dessert at the reunion and Jane said they didn't need to keep what was left (as you can imagine, they had a LOT of food) so the McHusband and I stuck it in our cooler and took it home. We left it unspoken, but both of us were looking forward to some pie once we got home.

Unfortunately, the rest of the dessert didn't travel well. The cooler had more water than ice in it and by the end of the trip, the pan had more water than dessert in it. Bummer.

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G'ma said...

Two words: YUM and YUM!