Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tucker vs. The Eureka BossSmart

You know how Tucker has destroyed two vacuum attachments? Well, I don't think I'm helping the situation.

When I use the hose attachment on the vacuum, Tucker comes running. He can be downstairs and I'll be in the bonus room vacuuming the floor, which doesn't interest him, but as soon as I switch over to the hose, he hears the difference and comes to attack.

He doesn't usually make too much noise, but for some reason he did when I was vacuuming the inside of his crate and he was going after the hose through the bars. I had to get the camera and torture him some more for my enjoyment.


G'ma said...

Yup, one ferocious watchdog!

Jenny said...

Yeah.... probably not making the situation any better with the vacuum attachments :)!