Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Reason to Celebrate

We spent some time with old friends yesterday. The McHusband and I went to Cleveland, NC, which is just outside Mooresville (not to be confused with MORRISville; that would've been a much shorter drive). We went to celebrate a battle against cancer being won, and we were grateful to get a chance to visit with people we see far too infrequently.

We got to the party early mostly so the McHusband could visit with Eric, who was in town from New York. The McHusband has known Eric since elementary school. They got to be friends and so did their moms - the McMom and Penny.

The McInlaws also arrived a little early. Here's everyone at or near the drink cooler, which is where the beer and wine was.

Guess who else showed up? Bill and Veerle. The McHusband has known Bill since at least middle school, and Veerle went to high school with us.

Do you see the McDad in the background? I have another picture with him sneaking his grin in. I think he was enjoying those Newcastles.

Isn't that a nice little courtyard area? There was a fountain and lots of pretty flowers, and we even had a bonfire later in the evening. I liked this stone bench with the birdhouse on it. (Hint hint, McHusband.)

The McMom had told Penny she'd bring this oatmeal cake she'd made once before that Roger, Eric's stepdad and guest of honor, really liked. However, she forgot about how they'd actually still be on the road after the reunion in Tennesee so she asked me to make the cake. I was a little nervous, especially because she even gave me the pan to bake it in. Remember, it was her bundt pan that I used to make the Monkey Bread.

But I'm on a roll cuz the oatmeal cake AND homemade icing (woohoo, two for two!) were a big hit. Out of a 9 x 13 pan, there was only enough for two small pieces left at the end of the night.

We left there at about 10:00 Saturday night and after getting gas and making one potty stop, we finally got home around 12:30. We'd gotten up just after 7:00 so we were exhausted. A big thank you to Chelle who helped us with all the animals while we were gone.


G'ma said...

Successful recipes two weeks in a row -- does this mean you may give The Pioneer Woman another try?

Jenny said...

You are becoming a baking pro!!! Keep up the good work and send some down our way!